New start date

We apologise for the one-month delay in beginning this competition. Interested parties can now signup to participate in the competition. In the last week of August, we will ring to verify details and then we will be enabling user accounts after that. The data sets will be available for download from the 1st September 2008.


Welcome to the boards.ie SIOC Data Competition! This is a competition in which entrants must do something interesting with the boards.ie SIOC Data Set (e.g. create a web application, write a report on analyses of the data, build a tool to visualise the information, etc.). Read the rules.

There will be three prizes for the top entries, as judged by an independent panel of three experts:

  • The first prize is an Amazon.com voucher for $4000!
  • The second prize is an Amazon.com voucher for $2000!
  • The third prize is an Amazon.com voucher for $1000!


Overview of the data

Ten years of discussions from the Irish forum site boards.ie are available in SIOC format at the download page. The top-level site document links to users (and to FOAF files) as well as to top-level forums. Forums link to subforums and threads, which finally link to individual posts. The posts link to each other based on replying and quoting. The FOAF files also link to each other, describing a social network based on the users' buddy lists.

The data in total (over 10 years) is around 9 million documents and takes about 50 gigabytes of disk space, so we have sliced it into smaller archives. The first slices available are all of the data for the year 1998, the site, forums, users and FOAF documents - all in RDF/XML file format. More information on the structure is available.


This resource is supported by Science Foundation Ireland under grant number SFI/02/CE1/I131 at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway.

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